Design Contest
Project Overview
For a design contest I was challenged to design a Barbeque. The BBQ would have to be build out of a 1 sq m steel plate. You were pemitted to add other materials as long as the materials qualified as scrap material. In approximately 10 hours we( a peer and I) designed and assembled the BBQ. Resulting in us winning the competition.
In the contest we were really limited in time. In 1 week time we had to complete the entire project, next to the conventional university work. We planned around 10 hours to complete the whole project. This challenged us to have an efficient ideation, make fast decisions and make realistic plans.

In our design we combined two of our favorite activities, barbequing and playing a game of table football. Combining these to activities lead to BBQ which battled one of the big drawbacks of barbequing, being alone. Often there is one grillmaster alone responsible for the food. This is a responsible but lonely task to furfill. With Barbefoot we made sure that this would never happen again! By mimicing a table football you need a minimum of 4 people to effectively operate the BBQ. Not only does this provide the grillmaster with company, it is fun as well.

With this project I learned to make design decisions under time pressure. These decisions were always made with manufacturing the BBQ in mind. This made sure we never lost sight of the purpose of the BBQ.

Design contest