Charity project
Project Overview
The TU Delft got a request by the youngest Client yet. Walter (11 years) collects Cristmas trees every year. The money he earns by this activity he donates to KIKA(fight child cancer). He asked us to design a cart he can put behind his becycle to collect trees more efficient.
This Project was the first project I ever did in a bigger design team. We started with a team of 11 master students and me, a 2nd year bachelor student. I voluntarily participated in the project besides my IDE courses. We worked an entire day on the design of the project, we didn't however have time to manufacture a prototype for Walter. In the following 3 weeks we(a leftover group of 4) dedicated our wednesdays to the project with a working protoype as a result.

The kerstboomkar was a example of a highly personalised design. Walter came to us with a problem and we had to figure out how to solve this problem. We worked methodical and tried to figure out what the biggest pitfalls were for Walter. I personally got a lot of energy from the project because we really delivered a product that changed the boys live, this gave a fulfilling

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