Yomasa 001

Furniture design
Project Overview
In addition of my study at the IDE faculty I wanted to challenge myself with creating my own piece of furniture. With this project I have implemented the methods learned in my studies. This resulted in asidetable with character and my own values shining through.
Yomasa 001

The Yomasa 001 is a sidetable created for a specific client. In the beginning of the process i conducted several interviews with this client. I discovered his needs and esthablised criteria accordingly. In addition of the criteria of the client I wanted the project to clearly show my own values. The piece should be Minimalistic, Well-Crafted and make use of salvaged materials.

The goal of the project was to do every step of the proces myself. From the first pencil stroke to the last layer of finish on the wood. I also wanted to achieve a highly personalised piece that still felt like my own. During the process I had a feedback moment with the client.
I showed him a prototype, we discussed the design and tweaked it where necessary.
In the end I came up with the following minimal yet elegant design. The client was satisfied and so was I.